Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote in fotobilder,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Tons of rad stuff got done today/tonight.

You can now create/edit/delete galleries. (well, you could create before, but it was kinda lame.) /manage/galcreate is gone... the same page does all 3 functions.

To delete a gallery, it has to be empty. To test the deletion, I went to /manage/gals, sorted by Pics, and clicked [edit] on one with zero. I then clicked delete, and it redirected me back to the galleries page. But... my sort order was lost!

So, that led me to finish implementing session variables (the db schema was there, but not the implementation).

Now, /manage/gals remembers your sort order from last time you used it (for that session).

If you want to see some incredibly awesome code, check out lib/ and look at session_var_{get|set}. Fun stuff. I love Perl & BML.

In the process of all that, I unified a ton of code, replacing old db stuff done by hand with the API equivalents.

One of those unifications was the session deleting stuff. Whitaker's "logout" just killed the cookie, but didn't kill the sessions/sessions_data rows. (well, the code he started from did that too. :P) But now both the manually logout and session expiration paths delete the same way.

BTW, if any of you want a part to work on, I have dozens of ideas now. Let me know. Indicate also your general interest area and skills.

If you're lacking time/skills, just go test the latest code at and submit good bug reports.

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