Gavin (halkeye) wrote in fotobilder,

Extension patch for FB

Live Site:

I've been working with whitaker for a while now on this patch, which I thought was done couple weeks ago, but I found another bug tonight.
Since the LJ crew is still pretty busy, I figured i'd go the peer review method, and hope someone else can spot some bugs I've missed.

BTW, this is the one that would allow you to post in those forums and other programs that only allow urls based on extensions. (so now will add .jpg and such).

Thanks people.

Asked what it exactly does, so i'll provide some examples.
Old Url:
New Url:

Old Url:
New Url:

Old Url:
New Url:

As you can see fairly straight forward. Adds extensions to each image, as well as changed the "extra" field to be in the filename instead of being the filename (/directory/anotherdir/filename.ext style)

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